Ingrid Anastasiu is a superbly competent and knowledgable realtor

Ingrid Anastasiu was our listing agent for the sale of our home in Grand Rapids, Michigan in 2019. Ingrid assessed the property and provided us with a detailed analysis of its value in the local market, with advice on what critical factors might be addressed in order to maximize the selling price.  We elected to upgrade the home per her recommendations, and we contracted with the builder she suggested. Her network of professional contacts was an important factor in having quality work performed in a timely manner. Ingrid was closely involved with all aspects of the remodeling, often assisting with ordering of material and fixtures, asking the contractor and us for progress status reports, and monitoring our (the sellers) mental state during the pre-listing phase of our project to keep us from becoming stressed by the effort involved that could be both physically and emotionally taxing at times. This personal regard for our well-being was greatly appreciated! In the end, we sold the home within three days of listing it. This would not have been possible without Ingrid’s relentless optimism, agressive advocacy on our behalf, expert advice, and good-natured support during the protracted effort involved with preparing our home for sale. In short: Ingrid Anastasiu is a superbly competent and knowledgable realtor who provided valuable advice and support to us, the sellers, through her personal skills, experience, and networked access to ancillary professionals to achieve success on behalf of her clients. Ingrid Anastasiu went above and beyond all normal efforts in order to achieve our goals in selling our home. -Dave Waalkes

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